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Velosolex Solex 4600 by BrianSolex

28. Velosolex Solex 4600 News


Velosolex Solex 4600 NEWS – November 2013


Hello Velosolex 4600 Enthusiasts!

    There were three 4600s at the annual Greater New York Citroen & Velosolex Bastille Day Rendezvous in New York City this year…Samantha on an orange 1973 4600 V1, Clemence and her father Patrick taking turns on a yellow 1975 4600 V2 and me on one of my blue 1975 4600 V2s.  Check out my review and links to videos and photos from the event on the   - Velosolex Solex 4600 Events  page.

    The weather was broiling hot for the Rendezvous, but my 4600 V2 ran perfectly all day long. Check out photos of this bike here:   Brian's blue 1975 4600 V2 Brian's blue 1975 4600 V2

   And there were three orange 4600 V1s at the annual Velosolex Rally in Svaneke, Denmark. Steen took some great photos of the event which can be seen here: https://picasaweb.google.com/solexcopenhagen/VeloSolexRally2013Bornholm2013#

   Speaking of Danish 4600 V1s, check out Thomas’ black 4600 V1 in the   ** Velosolex Solex 4600 Photo of the Month - November 2013  .

   Velosolex 4600 V1s were sold in Denmark in 1973 and 74, and there are quite a few of them still on the road there.

   Mark H. in St. Louis just picked up another 4600, this one an orange V1 from 1974 in fair condition. It came with a 1973 S 3800 USA parts bike, so I expect to see the 4600 V1 back on the road quickly.


  Happy Solexing!




                                                    Velosolex Solex 4600 News June 2013

Hello Velosolex 4600 enthusiasts!

   So sorry that it has been so long since my last news! I have been extremely busy for the past few years, repairing and reconditioning many Solexes and Solex engines, and any spare time has been spent helping Solexists on the various Solex and moped forums. The forums are great places to meet other enthusiasts, to ask and answer questions, to post and view photos of restorations, to buy and sell parts and bikes, and to find details of future and past rallies. Here are some of the forums on which you can find me, and other Solexists:

Moped Army: http://www.mopedarmy.com/forums/  (USA)

Velosolex Club UK: http://www.velosolexclubuk.com/  (UK)

Cyclogalet: http://www.cyclogalet.net/forumcyclogalet/ (France)

Solexine: http://solexine.swedishforum.net/  (Sweden)

Rap’n Pneus: http://www.bernique.fr/RapNpneus/index.php  (France)

Velosolex Forum: http://velosolexforum.bboard.de/board/fs-76051666nx52806.html  (Germany)

Solex NL: http://forum.solex.nl/  (Netherlands/Holland)

Os Amigos Da Velosolex: http://amigosdasolex.forumais.com/  (Portugal)

Solex Barati Kor: http://forum.index.hu/Article/showArticle?cmd=Article_showArticle&t=9113212  (Hungary)


Please join us!

  Over the years, I have seen that Solexes were not only sold here in the USA, but many were also given away as parts of promotions and contests. Many of the Solexes given away were 4600s. Brian M. and his wife recently contacted me with questions regarding their 1975 Solex 4600 V2 which they won on a TV quiz show. I have seen a few yellow 4600 V2s that were given away as part of a 7-Up promotion contest. (see   - 4600 V2 advertisments/publicité  )  Some were equipped with special 7-Up saddlebags and tool bag. Stewart in Washington recently e-mailed me some photos of himself and his yellow Solex 4600 V2 that he won in one such 7-Up contest in 1975 when he was 14 years old. He used the Solex to deliver newspapers. The Solex was used for a few years until the decompressor trigger broke. Then, into the garage it went for the next 30 years or so, until Stewart recently dragged it out, cleaned it up, and got it back on the road. Check the  ** Velosolex Solex 4600 Photo of the Month - June 2013       to see a photo of Stewart with his 4600 V2 in 1975. More photos of his Solex as it is today can be seen in his album:  Stewart's yellow 1975 4600 V2

  Alan J. in British Columbia, Canada wrote to me and sent some photos of a non-running, Greek version 1977 Velosolex 4600 V1 that he just purchased:  Alan's 1977 4600 V1 Greek version   I provided Alan with some trouble-shooting tips, and he was able to get it running and back on the road. He’s been having so much fun, that he just purchased a second one, a 1974 Canadian version Velosolex 4600 V1.

  Only one month until the 14th annual Greater New York Citroen and Velosolex Club’s "Bastille Day Rendezvous" in New York City. The event will take place on Sunday, July 14th. Check the  - Velosolex Solex 4600 Events  page for further details and information.

  Just finished getting this 1975 Solex 4600 V2 back on the road: Brian's blue 1975 4600 V2





Velosolex Solex 4600 News – October 2011         

Hello VSX 4600 fans!

   I hope that everyone out there in Solex World enjoyed a pleasant summer with plenty of Solex riding! It is still fairly warm here in the Northeast, and the leaves are changing color…very nice for cruising around. But Winter is fast approaching!

   A few months ago, an orange 1975 Solex 4600 of mine was used in a photo-shoot in Manhattan for Glamour UK magazine. A photo from the shoot has been published in the November issue of the magazine. I’ve posted the photo on the   - 4600 V2 advertisments/publicité        page. Some photos that I took while the shoot was happening can be seen on  the        Orange 1975 4600 V2 The Horse         album pages.

  I’ve received word that a mint, yellow 4600 V3 is in the process of being shipped from the US to an enthusiast in Egypt. Of course, if I receive any photos of the bike in its new home, I’ll be sure to post them on the site. Last I heard, it was hung up in customs in Kennedy Airport because of gas in the fuel tank.

  John B. in Massachusetts is busy trying to get a recently acquired 4600 V2 back in order. He’s located most of the parts needed, and is in the process of repainting the frame pieces. I’m looking forward to seeing some photos of John’s 4600.

  I was asked recently if the model 4600 was more powerful than the model S 3800, seeing as the number 4600 is greater than the number 3800. For those wondering the same thing…the model 4600 uses the same basic Cyclomoteur 3800 engine that is used on the model 3800 of the same years. In other words, there is no Cyclomoteur 4600 engine, and this same basic Cyclomoteur 3800 engine can also be found on the model 5000 and the Micron. The numbers 4600 and 3800 are actually more related to engine serial number ranges, and not to engine size or power.

  There was at least one 4600 at the recent Velosolex Rally in Svaneke, Bornholm...a blue model 4600 V1. Photos from the event can be seen here:


 and a video from the Rally is here: http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=nVhFPq7y9O0


Happy Solexing!




                                           Velosolex Solex 4600 News – August 2011     

 Hello once again Velosolex Solex 4600 fans! Summer is going full blaze here in the Northeast, with temperatures hitting 104 degrees last month, and now plenty of the “triple H”, hazy, hot & humid, weather that is typical here in August.

 On Sunday, July 10th, the Greater New York Citroën and Velosolex Club held their tenth annual Bastille Day Rendezvous in conjunction with the “Bastille Day on 60th Street” French-American street fair. Main sponsors for the Rendezvous this year were Air France and L’Occitane who both handed out free gifts to the participants.

 The weather this year was very nice in the morning for the ride to the event, but heated up very quickly, causing the usual heat-related problems with several club vehicles as the day progressed and the traffic thickened.

 Having used model 4600s at the past few events, I decided to go with something different this year, and chose a US version 1974 Solex S 3800. To see the characteristics and differences of a US version S 3800, please check out my new website, dedicated to the US version Solex S 3800s: http://solex3800usa.over-blog.com . Like this 4600 website, the 3800 website is perpetually under construction, so please check back often to see new info and photos as they become available.

 I met Pierre in Woodside on Long Island at 7:30 am on Sunday morning so that we could be ready to leave by 8. As we set off, Pierre had a slight running problem with his German version 1974 Solex S 3800, and so he quickly switched rides to his US version 1967 Solex S 3800. We then enjoyed a beautiful ride from Long Island, across the Queensborough Bridge with its magnificent views, onto Manhattan Island , proceeding uptown on First Avenue, and then cross-town through Harlem on 125th Street to the usual starting point, Grant’s Tomb on the upper west-side. This year, about 14 Citroëns and about 10 Solexes showed up for the Rendezvous. Representing the Citroën section were eight various 2CVs, two Traction-Avants, two CX’s, one DS, and one SM. And the Solex group consisted of two Impex S 3800s, one 4600 V1, one 4600 V2, one 4600 V3, three standard S 3800s, one Pli-Solex, and one S 4800 that suffered a broken freewheel near the beginning of the ride and was taken out of action.

 The first part of the ride took us basically down Broadway and Seventh Avenue, through Times Square and some brutal traffic, and then down Fifth Avenue to Washington Square Park where we cooled off for awhile. My ignition took a beating in the heat and traffic, and so I quickly replaced my damaged points and condenser, giving a quick Solex history lesson to the small group of onlookers that had gathered for the spectacle.

 The second part of the ride was basically uptown on Third Avenue, and then down Fifth Avenue to the Bastille Day on 60th Street French-American street fair sponsored by the Alliance-Francaise.

 After spending a few hours at the street fair, Pierre and I refueled our Solexes for our ride cross-town and back over the Queensborough Bridge to Long Island where we enjoyed a couple of ice cold beers while we reviewed the day’s events.

 Hope to see you there next year!



Photos and videos:





               Velosolex Solex 4600 NEWS – June 2011    

Greetings, les amis du Velosolex Solex 4600

    Winter is finally over here in the Northeast. We had about 1 week of Spring, and now Summer is upon us. Solex Season is going full blaze, and many 4600s are being brought back to life…either after the long, brutal Winter, or after many years of sleeping in a barn, garage or basement. It’s always my pleasure to help with these revivals, directly or indirectly. I’m very happy to hear from enthusiasts who have found my 4600 website and told me that it has helped them with their 4600 project. I enjoy answering 4600 questions via phone or email, and also on the various Solex forums on the Internet. And my favorite is, of course, actually doing the work to bring one of these sleeping beauties back to life…rebuilding a 4600 engine that someone has sent to me, or reconditioning a complete 4600, whether it is one of my own, or a customer’s. There’s nothing better than hearing a Solex come back to life, taking its first breath and its first ride.

   Last month, I had the pleasure of rebuilding the engine for Steve’s blue 1975 Solex 4600 V2. Photos of Steve’s 4600 can be seen here:  Steve's 1975 blue 4600 V2   Steve, who lives in Baltimore, received the Solex, non-running, from his father-in-law, who had purchased it new in Connecticut. Now, Steve and his father-in-law are having a blast giving rides around the neighborhood to the youngsters in the family.

   I just finished bringing Sasha B.’s blue 1975 Solex 4600 V2 back to life. Sasha was introduced to the Solex many years ago while a student in France, and always wanted one for his own. Seeing this blue 4600 at an Estate Sale earlier in the year, he was sure to not let the opportunity pass by and grabbed it. A photo of the Solex can be seen in the ** Velosolex Solex 4600 Photo of the Month - June 2011  , and other photos can be seen in  Sasha's blue 1975 4600 V2  album. And a video can be seen on my Youtube channel here:  http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=_lciACdvgYQ

   David L. in California is busy restoring a black 1977 Velosolex 4600 V3. David has had the frame repainted and the chrome pieces are now being re-chromed. I sent David some stickers for his 4600, and perhaps the engine will end up coming my way for a rebuild. Can’t wait to see this one back on the road.

   I found this page detailing the Solex 4600 on a Greek vintage bicycle website : http://www.vintagebicycles.gr/index.php?option=com_sobi2&sobi2Task=sobi2Details&catid=3&sobi2Id=22&Itemid=6  with some nice photos of an orange Velosolex 4600 V1, which apparently has the original Greek registration and license plate, and is in very good, original condition. This one appears to have been sold new in approximately 1977, noting the black, tapered Union pedals, the Motobécane taillight, and the V3 style engine hood.

   Velosolex 4600 V1s were also sold in Denmark, so you might see a couple at the upcoming

Velosolex gathering in the town of Svanecke on the island of Bornholm, details to be found here: http://www.velosolexrally.dk/?2011:Invitation If you plan on attending, be sure to let them know your T-shirt size, and be prepared to sing their Solex song: http://www.velosolexrally.dk/?Velo_valsen

   Some excitement for me last month as one of my orange 1975 Solex 4600 V2s was used in a photo shoot for a Beauty article in the upcoming October issue of Glamour UK magazine. I’ve posted some photos from the shoot in the album for my orange 4600:  Brian's orange 1975 4600 V2

   I am often asked which spark plug to use for the model 4600. The Owner’s Handbooks and Service Manuals call for a Champion L86, an Autolite AE32, or a Bosch W175T1 (which is now known as a W7AC). I have been using Champion L86C plugs with good results.

   Happy Solexing!




                                                   Velosolex Solex 4600 NEWS - April 2011      

  Bonjour, fellow Velosolex Solex 4600 enthusiasts! And as always, thank you for visiting this website. I hope that you enjoy your visit! And please remember that I am constantly updating the pages as new information and photos are received, so please check back often.

  Winter is coming to a close here in the Northeast, and Summer will soon be here. It’s time to finish up your Winter Solex projects and get them out on the road, or to give your daily-rider a good tune-up. Don’t forget to check the condition of your tires.

  The - Velosolex Solex 4600 - For Sale/ A vendre  page is usually the most viewed page on this site, but the * * BrianSolex Services - Velosolex Solex Repair * *  page made it to the top for a few days in March, a sure sign that Winter is ending, and Solexists are looking to get their bikes back on the road.

  Jack in South Australia has finished his beautiful black 1974 Solex 4600 V1 which can be seen in this month’s ** Velosolex Solex 4600 Photo of the Month - April 2011  Very nice work, Jack!

  Speaking of 4600 V1s, many of them were sold in Brazil, South America. Recently some NOS 4600 V1 parts have shown up for sale there, apparently leftover stock from the former main Solex dealer in Caxias do Sul, where VeloSolex model 4600 V1s were assembled, sold and serviced. And so the local Solex enthusiasts have been busy picking through the items, happy to be able to buy some Solex parts locally for a change. Hopefully, some of the parts will make there way northward to NYC.

  I spotted a photo of Ricky’s mint yellow Solex 4600 V2 on a blog named Gotham Garage, a blog about “everything cars, bikes, trucks and rides based in NYC”:


  And I noticed some photos showing my blue 4600 V3 on a Vietnamese Velosolex website:  http://velosolex.apps.vn/a/news?t=6&id=871474

  Mathieu in New Jersey has found another 4600 V1 to add to his collection. Hopefully, we’ll see one of his 4600s on the road soon.

  Live in Brooklyn? Want your French-style pizza delivered by Solex? Be sure to check out Nice (as in Nice, France) Pizza located at 340 Franklin Avenue. They also have a small bar, and they get great reviews, averaging about 4.5 out of 5 stars: http://www.nicepizzany.com Ask for Benjamin, (a true Solexist).


  It looks like the date for the annual Greater New York Citroën and Vélosolex Club's Bastille Day Rendezvous on Manhattan Island in New York City will be Sunday, July 10th. Check the - Velosolex Solex 4600 Events page for reviews, photos and videos of recent past events. I will post more 2011 event info as I receive it.

  Spotted a blue 1975 Solex 4600 V2 in this nice photo of four blue Solexes on the Australian Solex Oz website in their photo gallery: http://www.solexoz.org/albums_475f8d2550e0d630ffab7ff3d0704cba/February-2011/P1020433.jpg

  Bon route and happy Solexing!





                                           Velosolex Solex 4600 NEWS – February 2011    

  Hello and bonjour once again Velosolex 4600 enthusiasts! And, as always, thank you for checking-in to my Velosolex Solex 4600 News page. Sorry that I didn’t get the chance to post any 4600 news for January, but the weather here in the Northeast USA has been absolutely horrendous, and I have spent a tremendous amount of time battling the elements. I have had no local Solex repairs to do in about a month because it has been impossible for anyone to ride a Solex around here since December. So I have been reconditioning several old Solexes that I had tucked away for just such a time, including a blue 1975 4600 V2…photos of the bike before work, and during the reconditioning can be viewed in 

    Brian's blue 1975 4600 V2 album.

 Also working on a blue 1975 4600 V2 is Stuart in Great Britain, who has been collecting all of the necessary pieces, paying close attention to detail, and hoping to have it ready by the Springtime. Stuart has been making use of the many 4600 V2 pages on the website to be sure his bike will be as accurate as possible, and it has been my pleasure to help him gather a few of the needed parts. Stuart does very nice work, and I have no doubt that this will be another fine addition to his Solex collection. I’ll be sure to post some photos as soon as they become available.

 Check out Ricky’s beautiful yellow 1975 4600 V2 in the  ** Velosolex Solex 4600 Photo of the Month - February 2011

 Colonel Odem contacted me through my Youtube channel http://www.youtube.com/user/Rickbrendan to let me know that he has in his possession a nice, yellow 1974 Velosolex 4600 V1. The Colonel will be working hard to get his 4600 back on the road. Check out some photos of his 4600 V1 in his   Colonel Odem's yellow 1974 4600 V1 album.

 Speaking of Youtube videos, I have spotted my video of my black 1978 Solex 4600 V3 on several websites/blogs including Mike Dell’s World


and ScootMaine  http://www.scootmaine.com/?p=268  

 I am often asked about the regulations concerning riding Solexes in the United States, for example registration, insurance, helmets and license. In order to answer the questions, I must ask where the Solex will be ridden because each US State has its own regulations, and very few, if any, have the same laws. In fact, the rules differ greatly from State to State. I am also often asked about what to do if you are riding your Solex in a State other than your own. In general, you must follow the laws of your own State concerning registration, insurance and licensing. With regards to wearing a helmet, though, you must follow the regulations of the State in which you are riding. Of course, any local road-use rules must also be known and followed; for example, you must not ride on any divided highway in New Jersey, and you must keep to the right or ride on the shoulder in New York. In some States, the regulations are not clear, or sometimes not even stated anywhere, but, in general, you can find most States’ regulations concerning mopeds on the Moped Army website: http://www.mopedarmy.com/wiki/Category:Moped_laws

 Happy New Year, and Happy Solexing!




                             Velosolex Solex 4600 NEWS – December 2010    

  Season’s Greetings fellow 4600 enthusiasts! Thanks for checking in once again to the Velosolex Solex 4600 NEWS page.  Some of you are preparing your 4600s for their Winter rest, while others are beginning your Winter restoration projects. And the daily riders are trying their best to keep their steeds running. Best of luck with whatever you are doing, and, as always, please let me know how I can help you with your Velosolex Solex 4600 problems and questions… Velosolex3800@aol.com

  Some exciting NEWS for me this time around…my mint black 1978 Solex 4600 can be seen in a Holiday advertisement for J. Crew clothing, a well-known company here in the US. The ad, called The Very Merry Gift Guide, can be viewed on their website here:

http://www.jcrew.com/AST/DynamicAsst/GiftGuide2010.jsp This is a scrollable, interactive, panoramic type ad, so you may need to use the arrows on either side of the photo to scroll left and right through the ad to see the Solex.

  I recently heard from 4600 V1 owner Carlos in Lima, Peru who sent me an additional photo of his 4600 for his album on this site. The photo can be seen in  Carlos' yellow 4600 V1  album and in the ** Velosolex Solex 4600 Photo of the Month - December 2010   . 

  While searching through old Popular Mechanics magazines online, I located an article about mopeds, with several photos showing a nice blue 4600 V2, and a small blurb about Velosolex which says, “The $319 Solex Horse is the basic motorized bicycle. Engine is mounted on the front fork and drives the front wheel via a friction roller. The 200-mpg French bike is made by the company that introduced the Solex carburetor back in 1910. You might consider the transmission on this one as manual, since you have to operate an engine-engagement lever to move the roller against the wheel.” The article and photos can be viewed here:


  My suggestion this month for a Solexist-owned restaurant is Le Comptoir in Williamsburg, Brooklyn, owned by Solexist Stefan. http://lecomptoirny.com/  They just received their liquor license and average 4 ½ out of 5 stars in reviews. Friendly service and great food, an open kitchen, nice music and a backyard garden (for when the nice weather returns!).

  One last note…Bastien’s orange Solex 4600 V2  was recently stolen in Brooklyn…please keep your eyes open for it…engine number 7221361…frame number 8088249. And please be advised that if you are leaving your Solex outside, it will be stolen, even if you are using the best lock. The thieves are able to quickly disassemble sections of the Solex, enabling them to render any lock useless.

  All the best for the Holiday Season! See you next year!



Velosolex Solex 4600 NEWS - November 2010  

  Greetings once again fellow Velosolex Solex 4600 enthusiasts! As always, thanks for visiting my website. Please note that, although Over-blog mainly hosts blogs, I use this site not as a blog, but as a standard website. I have only one article, the first page or homepage. But, I have many Pages, Links, and Photo Albums listed on the right side of every page. I am constantly changing and updating these Pages, Links and Photo Albums as I receive new information and photos, so please re-visit them all from time to time.

  Jean-Claude of the Solex Millenium group is also constantly updating their website, and has recently updated their Solex 4600 page:  http://cyclo60.pagesperso-orange.fr/solex4600-en.html

  Ken in Michigan has been very busy purchasing old Solexes, repairing them, and getting them back on the road. He offers several of these Solexes for sale, so be sure to check the  - Velosolex Solex 4600 - For Sale/ A vendre page if you're looking for a running 4600. Also check out his 1975 black 4600 V2 Horse on the

 ** Velosolex Solex 4600 Photo of the Month- November 2010 page. More photos of this Solex can be found here:

   Ken's black 1975 4600 V2  Ken's black 1975 4600 V2

  Several Solexists have recently asked me to detail the major differences between the 4600 V1, and the 4600 V2/V3 versions. There are quite a few differences, but the main ones concern the controls and the electrical systems. The 4600 V1 uses the handlebars and controls that are found on the model 5000... 23 mm diameter handlebars with reverse-facing brake levers. The 4600 V2 and V3 use standard moped type handlebars which are 22 mm in diameter, and have standard Magura moped controls, found on several other manufacturers' mopeds. As for the electrics, the 4600 V1 is equipped with the same magneto setup as is found on the model S 3800 and on the model 5000, while the 4600 V2 and V3 have magnetos containing a larger, more powerful lighting coil, a third coil for the brakelight, and a flywheel with stronger magnets. This more powerful magneto setup is necessary to power the larger wattage bulbs, the brakelight,  and the electric horn. Photos detailing these differences can be found on the  ~ 4600 V1 Details page, the ~ 4600 V2 Details  page, and the ~ 4600 V3 Details  page, and this information in detail can be found on the - The Velosolex Solex 4600 (in English)   page.

  How do you winterize your Solex if you are going to store it for the winter? The Solex 4600 V2 Owner's Handbook, found on this page - Velosolex Solex 4600 V2 Owner's Handbook   recommends first draining all of the fuel from the engine and fuel tank. Next, you should remove the spark plug and drop a little SAE 30 motor oil into the cylinder-head, rotate the engine to circulate the oil, and then replace the spark plug without tightening it. You should then lubricate the Solex as recommended on the lubrication chart on page 14. Finally, keep your Solex clean, and periodically rotate the engine.  

  There are quite a few Solexist-owned French restaurants in NYC. Try one of the Le Gamin cafés in Brooklyn or Manhattan, and you may see the owner roll up on his blue 1975 Solex 4600 V2:   http://www.legamin.com/LE_GAMIN.html


Happy Solexing!



Velosolex Solex 4600 NEWS – October 2010    

  Hello Velosolex Solex 4600 enthusiasts! Thank you for visiting my website. I have been receiving emails from many countries around the world…including France, Canada, England, Poland, Germany, Greece, Peru, Argentina, Hungary…and it is nice to know my information reaches so far, so please keep those emails, questions and photos coming!

  Dan in England has his NOS 1978 model 4600 V3 up and running. You can check out his Solex on the  ** Velosolex Solex 4600 Photo of the Month- October 2010  page, and also in his album on this website: 1978 4600 V3 yellow NOS Dan c Dan's yellow 1978 4600 V3 

Dan tells me that the bike starts up and runs well, but could use a bit of fine tuning. If any knowledgeable Solexists in the London area would like to help Dan, please contact me and I shall forward your contact info to him.

  The - Velosolex Solex 4600 - For Sale/ A vendre  page is still the most viewed page on this site, so I guess many of you are hoping to become 4600 owners, or are at least dreaming about it! I wish you the best of luck in your search and I hope this page has helped some of you to realize your dream.

  Pete from Brighton recently sent me his photos and videos from the Vélosolex Randonée Internationale 2010 in New York City, and I have compiled them into a short film showing his view of the event: http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=F5zra3Ba51g  I hope you enjoy it!

  My black 1978 Solex 4600 V3 was recently photographed for an upcoming advertisement for J. Crew clothing. I don’t yet know exactly where the ad will appear…on the Internet, in their catalog, or in their stores…so please keep your eyes open for it. I have made an album with some photos and a video from the photoshoot:  link

The photos will be Photoshopped and whatnot, but you can get an approximate idea of what the ad will look like.

  It is not uncommon to see people confuse the model 4600 V1 with the model 5000. Both models use the same high-rise handlebars and reverse brake levers; both have the same decompression setup; both use the same headlight; and both have engines in the same 7 xxx xxx serial number range. But there are some key differences to be noted: the 4600 V1 has 19” tires and the 5000 has 16” tires; the 5000 has stainless steel fenders and stainless steel trim rails on the luggage rack; and the toolbox on the 5000 is under the seat, whereas on the 4600 V1, it is under the luggage rack.

Model 5000: http://www.lesolex.com/messolex/nouveausolex/5000orange/5000droite.jpg

Model 4600 V1: http://idata.over-blog.com/2/52/68/45//1974-4600-V1-orange-rs-copy-1.jpg

  See ya!




Velosolex Solex 4600 NEWS - September 2010    

Hello friends of the Velosolex Solex 4600!  

   Summer has ended and Hurricane Season is here on the East Coast. I hope you all have enjoyed your summer and have been riding your Velosolex Solex 4600s, or at least been dreaming of riding one. The  - Velosolex Solex 4600 - For Sale/ A vendre  page is still the most viewed page on this website. I didn’t get a chance to mention it last month, but July was a new record month with over 8,500 page views, and also a record day was set on July 15th, with over 2,400 views.

  I consistently receive requests from enthusiasts in France for the parts necessary to convert an S 3800 into a 4600 V2/V3. I’m sorry that I cannot help you all with these requests. I suggest contacting Jeff at VeloCruz in Utah or Kevin at The Moped Recyclers in Ohio.

  Kevin recently sold one of his yellow NOS, never assembled, still-in-the-box Solex 4600 V3s to a Solexist in England, so keep your eyes open over there. Hopefully, I will soon receive photos to post.  

  Doug in Oregon recently got his mother-in-law’s blue 1975 Solex 4600 V2 back on the road. Check out Doug and this Solex in the    ** Velosolex Solex 4600 Photo of the Month- September 2010  .

  Speaking of blue 1975 Solex 4600 V2s…I just revived Erica W.’s example, and you can see a bunch of photos in her album  Erica's blue 1975 Solex 4600 V2Erica's blue 1975 4600 V2     A video of her bike can be seen here:



  Until next time, happy Solexing to you all!



Velosolex Solex NEWS - August 2010    

Bastille Day Rendezvous 2010    

  Broiling hot. There’s the weather report for the 11th annual Greater New York Citroën and Vélosolex Club’s Bastille Day Rendezvous, which took place on Sunday, July 11th, 2010. Well, maybe broiling is not the right word. How about scorching? Sweltering? Take your pick. But at least it didn’t rain!

  All-in-all, it was a great day, though. Good people and beautiful vehicles, as usual. Joining me as he did last year was nearby Solexist, Pierre, with his 1968 Solex S 3800. And riding with us this year was Pierre’s son, François, on his father’s 1974 German version Velosolex S 3800. Not having any time this past year to prepare a new ride for myself, I decided to once again use my trusty and speedy, blue 1977 Velosolex 4600 V3.

  The three of us hit the road at 8 am and decided to use the same route to get to the event as last year; through Woodside, Sunnyside and Long Island City, over the Queensborough Bridge from Long Island to Manhattan Island, then uptown on First Avenue, and finally cross-town through Harlem on 125th Street to Grant’s Tomb.

  A slight mechanical problem struck just as we approached the bridge. After bouncing our way over a cobblestone street in Long Island City, one of my fuel pipe connections loosened, and fuel started leaking from the tank. I quickly pulled out my 9 mm open-end, tightened the fitting, topped off the tank, and we were soon on our way.

  The ride across the bridge is always beautiful, with spectacular views of the Manhattan skyline and the East River. Once across the bridge, we picked our way around the potholes and bumps as we made our way up First Avenue and across town through Harlem on 125th Street, then pedaled our legs off getting up the steep incline on the approach to Grant’s Tomb, ultimately arriving at the starting point for the ride, with Howie of Velosolex-America greeting us as we neared. Sponsors for the event this year were L’Occitane, Cercle Rouge restaurant, and Crusty’s Bakery, with L’Occitane being the main sponsor and handing out free gifts, along with the event placard to be mounted on the vehicles. L’Occitane is a worldwide company that sells beauty products.

  Present for the ride were 12 Velosolexes, including two new S 4800s, three standard S 3800s, one Impex S 3800, one German version S 3800, two Pli-Solexes, one 4600 V1, one 4600 V2, and my 4600 V3. As for the Citroëns, there were 22 of them, including 12 2CVs, five DSs, two SMs, one Traction-Avant, and two CXs.

  The ride began at 11:00 am and was soon the usual chaotic free-for-all, with the large group getting splintered into numerous smaller groups, and one group of Solexists getting lost for about an hour. The club basically headed downtown on Broadway and Seventh Avenue, stopping at our first rendezvous point, the Highline Park, an old railroad trestle converted into a park. After a rest at the Park to cool down our over-heating vehicles, we headed cross-town on 18th Street to Third Avenue, hooking up with the lost Solexists on the way, then uptown to our next rendezvous point, the “Bastille Day on 60th Street” French/American Street Fair. Pierre, François and I cooled down in the shade of some central park trees, and then got under way for our two hour trip back home to Long Island to have some beers, review the day, and watch the World Cup on TV, stopping once on the way to re-fuel.

 Many thanks to the Greater New York Citroën and Velosolex Club for another enjoyable Rendezvous. And many thanks to VeloCruz for their help in keeping my Solexes on the road.

  Hope to see you next year!






3-part Video:    


Part 1 http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=gMQ2vxTA8SU



Velosolex Solex 4600 NEWS - July 2010

Hello again, Velosolex Solex 4600 Enthusiasts!

   And another new record month was recorded for this website for June with over 4,300 page views, so thanks for visiting my website, and I hope that you enjoyed your visit! Please check back often because I am constantly updating the pages as I receive new photos and information.

   Be sure to check out this month's ** Velosolex Solex 4600 Photo of the Month- July 2010  sent in by James Lloyd Williams of Great Britain, who will be riding this weathered blue Velosolex 4600 around England trying to raise money to help soldiers who have combat stress. You can check out his Solex, his plans and his information on this website:


and on this forum:


  I recently found this old 2007 magazine article from the Grand Rapids Magazine in which Moped Army's Michigan-based Ghost Riders moped club's Shawn Finch mentions his 1975 Solex 4600:


  See the video of Mike's nice yellow 1978 Solex 4600 V3 that I just brought back to life:

http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=5JR3zPtf82E  Look for this Solex on Long Island!

  The 11th annual Greater New York Citroën and Velosolex Club's Bastille Day Rendezvous is scheduled for this Sunday, July 11th in New York City. You can find the latest information and the route posted on the club's website: http://greaternycitroenvelosolexclub.com/ The weather here in NYC has been brutally hot and humid...105 degrees F here the other day... so wear light clothing and bring water. The event begins at 10 am at Grant's Tomb...don't miss the freebies being handed out by the sponsor L'Occitane, and the buffet at the end of the event being provided by Cercle Rouge restaurant...stops at Highline Park and the "Bastille Day on 60th Street" French-American Street Fair.




Velosolex Solex 4600 NEWS - June 2010

Bonjour les Amis du 4600!

   Thanks again for visiting my Velosolex Solex 4600 website!

   Last month was a new record month with 4,035 Page Views, and the "Velosolex Solex 4600 For Sale" page is still the most viewed page.

   Brenda in Cranbrook, British Columbia, Canada has recently gotten her beautiful 1975 4600 V2 running with the help of Eugene in Arkansas and Mark in St. Louis. See a photo of her Solex on the June 4600 Photo of the Month page: ** Velosolex Solex 4600 Photo of the Month- June 2010 Nice work Brenda!

   In the January, 1977 issue of the New Yorker Magazine, I found another small article mentioning the Solex 4600, saying that it costs $300, goes 17 mph, and gets 200 mpg. A small drawing shows someone filling the tank using an eye dropper:


   With Solexists coming from as far as Brighton, England, the May 2010 Vélosolex Randonée Internationale was a huge success, with excellent weather, friendly atmosphere, and beautiful Velosolex Solex 4600s. The group ride took place on Manhattan Island and Long Island, through the counties of Manhattan, Brooklyn (Kings), and Queens, with stops at Times Square, Washington Square Arch, Katz Bookbinding, River View Park, and Juniper Valley, ending with food and refreshments at a quaint French/American bistro, Patrick Murphy's Publik House. A video of the ride can be seen here:


  Several Velosolex Solex 4600s were present at the recent Solex Millenium event in Compiegne, France. Five pages of  photos and videos of the event can be found on the Solex Millenium website, starting here:


Here's Luc on a yellow 1978 Solex 4600 V3:


And Olivier on an orange 1974 Velosolex 4600 V1:


   I recently had the pleasure of reconditioning two consecutively numbered yellow 1977 Velosolex 4600 V3s for a couple who live in Saratoga Springs, NY, USA. They purchased the bikes new in 1978, along with a box of spare parts and manuals, and have kept the bikes running, without the help of the Internet, up to this point. Total engine rebuilds were necessary, plus a few other odds-and-ends, and now the bikes run great. Videos of the two 4600s can be found here:


and here:


Photos of the two bikes can be seen here:

CIMG1657 Ralph and Dee's 4600 V3s

   The date for the Greater NY Citroën & Vélosolex Club's annual Bastille Day Rendezvous is set for Sunday, July 11th. Check the club website for details:

 http://www.greaternycitroenvelosolexclub.com/  L'Occitane will be the main sponsor this year. See you there!





Velosolex 4600 NEWS - May 2010

Hello Velosolex 4600 Enthusiasts!

   Thank you all for visiting my Velosolex 4600 website! I hope you enjoy your visit. Last month, April, was a new record month for Page Views, with a total of 3,706 views. I do hope that my website has helped you with your Velosolex 4600 project, whatever it may be...whether it is repairs, purchasing, selling, or just research. If you have any Velosolex 4600 questions or contributions, I can be contacted at: 


   Jean-Claude in Vieux-Moulin, France has finished his latest Velosolex 4600 project, the complete restoration of an orange Swiss 4600 V1. Photos can be seen here:

 Jean-Claude's orange 1974 Swiss 4600 V1Jean-Claude's orange

1974 4600 V1


   and also on the Photo of the Month page:

** Velosolex Solex 4600 Photo of the Month- May 2010  

Very nice work as usual, Jean-Claude!  

   I recently took a drive up to Greenwich, Connecticut to help Rayan with his periwinle 4600 V2 which refused to start. After determining that there was plenty of compression, and that fuel was getting to the combustion chamber, I traced the problem to a burnt out ignition coil, and soon had Rayan back on the road. Rayan enjoys using his 4600 to commute between his home and the train station.

  Many people ask me about the date for the Bastille Day Rendezvous here in New York City, but not being an organizer of the event, I cannot give a definite answer at the moment, since no details of the 2010 event have been posted yet. Since the event is always on the same day as the "Bastille Day on 60th Street" fair, and the date of the fair has been announced as Sunday, July 11th, I am guessing that this will be the date for the Rendezvous, too.   


Happy Solexing!



Velosolex 4600 NEWS – April 2010    

Bonjour Solexists!

   Spring is here at last! The part-time riders are dragging their machines out of storage to prepare them for another season of riding. Others are finishing winter restoration projects, eager to try out their new creations. And the year-round riders are glad for some better weather.

   I recently had a visit from Rhode Island Solexist Larry who brought some nice weather with him, allowing us to take a nice ride around the neighborhood on a couple of 4600s. See the ** Velosolex Solex 4600 Photo of the Month- April 2010  .

   On this website, the  - Velosolex Solex 4600 - For Sale/ A vendre  page continues to be one of the most viewed pages, if not the most viewed page, showing that many people are looking to become 4600 owners.

   I have found an old New Yorker magazine article from January of 1977 featuring Serge Seguin who was at the time the vice president of Motobécane-America, the importer of the Velosolex 4600. I have posted the article, titled The Way to Go, on the  - 4600 V3 advertisments/publicité  page.

   Gilou13 in France was a bit surprised when, while working on a Solex that Jean-Baptiste had given him, he removed the flywheel and found some strange coils. After viewing the photo that he posted,  http://www.rezoweb.com/forum/annonces/solex/70558.shtml , it quickly became apparent to me that he had a 4600 V2, which of course has a larger lighting coil than a standard Solex, and a small extra coil for the brake light. Let’s keep our eyes open for updates on the “Green” Forum.

   Mathieu in New Jersey continues work on his 1975 4600 V2 project. He is now in the process of reconditioning the engine. Members of the RâpNPneus forum can follow his progress:    http://www.bernique.fr/RapNpneus/viewtopic.php?id=1064

   I have posted the most recent VeloCruz Solex Newsletter:

** VeloCruz Spring Solex News - Spring 2010 **

   Several people have asked me for the date of the Bastille Day Rendezvous this year in New York City. I am not an organizer, but I’m guessing that the date will be Sunday, July 11th . As soon as I know a definite date, I will post the information on the  - Velosolex Solex 4600 Events 2010  page. 

   I have made two movies about the Bastille Day Rendezvous...one for the 2008 event and one for 2009:

2008: http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=rgGKNTek2QM

2009: http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=nf29WHWWoes

   Happy Solexing!  


News – February 2010    

Hello Solexists!

  Winter is still here in the Northeast US, with another month or two ahead of us. As I am writing this, snow is falling heavily, with two feet of snow expected. Not very good for Solex riding! The electric heaters in my workshop are going full blaze trying to keep the place warm so that I can work on Solexes.


  Mathieu, in nearby New Jersey, is busy restoring his blue 4600 V2. It appears to be coming along nicely. Photos of his Solex so far can be seen here:  Mathieu's blue 4600 V2  

Mathieu can be found on the Rapnpneus forum, http://www.bernique.fr/RapNpneus/index.php ,and I’m sure he will be posting updates as he continues his restoration.


  After 1974, Solexes were not big sellers here in the US and Canada, and they were often given away in contests, and as incentives to buy something else…a car or piece of machinery for example. Soft-drink maker 7-Up used a yellow 1975 4600 V2 in one such promotional contest. It had special 7-Up logos, saddlebags and tool pouch. I have posted ads from this contest on the 4600 V2 Publicity page:

- 4600 V2 advertisments/publicité
Many thanks to Mark H. from the St.Louis IRE Moped Club for these documents.

(IRE = It Ran Earlier). This 7-Up Solex is owned by somebody in Ohio. He was going to sell it to me several years ago, but changed his mind! 


  I received the license plates and registration certificate for my recently acquired yellow 4600 V2, and I took my first legal ride last weekend. I have posted some photos from that ride in the album for that Solex:

 Brian's yellow 4600 V2  


NEWS - January 2010
  Happy New Year Solexists! 

  The weather here in New York has been very cold this winter...no sign of global warming here with plenty of snow, ice and below-freezing temperatures. Of course, I am still riding Solexes though! I have rebuilt engines that I must test before shipping back to customers, local repairs for those people who use their Solex as daily transportation in the area, and several complete bikes in the process of being reconditioned for customers; and I like to take one of my own Solexes out for a spin whenever I have the chance!

  I have finished Leo's nice yellow 4600 V1 and he will pick it up at the end of the month.
Photos can be seen here:  Leo's yellow 1974 4600 V1
And a video can be seen here: http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=SY7txg9zd7w  
It will join his S 3800 and his other 4600 V1.

  Sotiris, in Greece, has finished the restoration of his 4600 V1, photos of which can be seen here:
 Sotiris' 4600 V1  Sotiris tells me that his 4600 runs very well.  

  François, in Ontario,Canada, purchased the "tandem" 4600 V1 that many of you saw for sale recently on the Internet. He has quickly transformed it back into a regular bike and gotten it running with no problems. Photos of the Solex can be seen here:  Le 4600 V1 de Francois  François is hoping to soon find snow-tires for his Solex.

  I wish you all the best for 2010!     

News -December 2009
Hello Solexists!  

   Winter is here, and many of you have begun your winter Solex projects. Kevin in Ohio had some trouble getting spark from his recently acquired 4600 V3. I directed Kevin to my article on page 5 of the most recent Solex newsletter, http://velosolex4600.over-blog.com/pages/_SoleX_Newsletter_SpringPrintemps_2009_-1364780.html which has instructions for troubleshooting a no-spark issue. He soon determined that the spark plug wire was the problem, replaced the wire, and now has a bright blue spark. Tyler, also from Ohio, is busy trying to get an aunt’s 4600 V2 breathing again. It has been sitting in a barn for many years, but seems to be in good condition under the dust. Some photos of this 4600 can be seen here: http://velosolex4600.over-blog.com/album-1518892.html

  While purchasing some moped parts at a moped shop in New Jersey the other day, I came into possession of an interesting 4600 V3, which I believe to be the last 4600 made. It carries a date of 12/1979 and was made at the SEMI factory in Maçon. The owner of the moped shop acquired this 4600, along with many Solex and Motobecane parts and some other bikes, from the original Velosolex-America, (which was very near to the moped shop), when it closed.  It has sat in his yard for many years, and has been stripped of most of its parts by now. The bike was actually new when the shop owner acquired it, although it is in sad shape now, with only a few parts remaining. Photos of what remains, and of the ID tag, can be seen here: http://velosolex4600.over-blog.com/album-1520232.html While there, I also picked up the remains of a blue 1975 4600 V2 which was also sitting in the yard.

   For all of you French Solexists…keep your eyes open for a yellow 4600 V2 at future events, or on the forums. Who is the owner? At this time, I will only say that you will probably see it on the Cyclogalet forum first! I’m sure that the new owner will want to surprise everybody with his new machine, so that is all I will say for now. Remember: the 4600 V2 was only sold in the US and in Canada, so this is a rare sight in France.

   To see another 4600 that is in France, check out this month’s Photo of the Month, sent in by Mr. Jean-Claude Toudy of the Solex Millenium website:


    Mr. Toudy has many Solex videos posted on his Video Pages:


   Have a nice holiday season fellow Solexists! 


NEWS - November 2009  

Hello VeloSolexists!

   The exchange of Solex 4600s continues. Philippe in Brooklyn, who recently had his S 3800 stolen from in front of his house, has purchased Harold’s blue 4600 V2. Photos of this Solex, including a photo of Philippe and his new ride, can be seen here:


   I, too, have added another “Horse” to the stable, purchasing one of Mike B.’s excess 4600s, a yellow 1975 4600 V2 in very nice condition. It was necessary to replace the ignition coil, a red SEV coil. It seems to me that the red coils fail more frequently than the yellow, black or green coils. Photos of this Solex can be seen here:

 http://velosolex4600.over-blog.com/photo-1498579-CBrian-s-yellow-4600-V21288_jpg.html#start and I have a video posted here:  


  Several nice 4600s have gone unsold at $300 on ebay recently. Perhaps the prices are beginning to fall into a more reasonable range than what we’ve been seeing lately.

  Some unassembled 4600s, still in their boxes, have been located in Michigan and purchased by somebody in Ohio at a rather high price. I suspect he will want an outrageous price for them, so don’t expect to see them in my stable any time soon.

  I have recently found a three-page update parts bulletin for the 4600 V2 manual, showing the individual pieces of the Magura controls, and I have posted it in its proper position on the 4600 V2 Dealer Parts Catalog page, Figure 09a and Figure 09b:


  I have also added some new videos to the 4600 Video page:


  Also, I have added to the 4600 V2 Details page some photos of the rear brake of the 4600 V2, showing the removable plastic plugs for checking the brake linings:


  Hurricane Season is coming to an end here in the Northeast, and Winter is quickly approaching. I think I’ll take a nice Solex ride while the temperature is still above freezing…please join me!


NEWS – OCTOBER 2009    

Hello Solex 4600 Enthusiasts!

    Several Solex 4600s have new owners…Jeff Repodevil’s periwinkle 4600 V2 is now owned by Rayan; Charles’ yellow 4600 V3 is now with Daniel G. in France; and Frank’s blue 4600 V2 was purchased by Carlo. Photos of these bikes can be seen in the photo galleries: http://velosolex4600.over-blog.com/albums.html

   July 2009 was a record month for this website with over 3,300 page views. I’m glad that people seem to enjoy the site, and I thank you all for visiting. If you have any suggestions or contributions, please contact me.

   Mark H. has been busy repairing several 4600s in St. Louis, Missouri. Check out his 4600 V2 in the Photo of the Month here:  http://velosolex4600.over-blog.com/pages/_Velosolex_Solex_4600_Photo_of_the_MonthOctober_2009-1044497.html

   Harold in Manhattan has purchased a nice, blue 1975 4600 V2. Photos can be seen here:  http://velosolex4600.over-blog.com/photo-1475944-CHarold-s-blue-1975-4600-V21226_jpg.html#start  and a video can be seen here:
http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=sVizXUB65cM These are the most common color and year 4600 here in New York.

   Leo has purchased another 4600 V1. This is a yellow one and it is his fourth Solex. Photos of his new yellow 4600 V1 can be seen here:

http://velosolex4600.over-blog.com/photo-1460110-CLeo-s-yellow-1974-4600-V11197_jpg.html#start  I have taken the Solex apart and the pieces are now at the painter being painted.


   Two notes to Solexists here in New York:

-1 - In New York, a Solex is considered a limited-use motorcycle (moped) and it must be registered as a Class C moped and have a license plate. The registration costs $5 per year. Insurance, inspection, helmet, and goggles are not required, but they are recommended. You must have your headlight on 24 hours a day, you must keep to the right, and you must have all the safety equipment that is necessary for a motorcycle, such as brake lights, ignition switch, sealed beam headlight, electric horn, side reflectors, and mirror. Here is the list of required equipment:
http://www.nydmv.state.ny.us/forms/mv529b.pdf Only 1975 and newer Solexes can legally be registered in New York. Most Solexes are considered motorized bicycles here in NY and are therefore not street legal. Two Solexists have received tickets in Manhattan for driving an unregistered vehicle.  

-2 - Several Solexes have recently been stolen here. If you are leaving your Solex outside, chained to a pole, you are taking a big chance. The thieves can cut through the chain in seconds. In one case, the thieves stole only the front of the Solex…wheel, engine and forks.


Summer is over and winter will soon be here. The leaves are changing color, and the air is cool and crisp, just right for a nice Solex ride…won’t you join me?   


2009 Greater NY Citroën and Velosolex Bastille Day Rendezvous in NYC


  Incroyable! Unbelievable! Two years in a row with perfect weather! Saturday night and into the early hours of Sunday morning, the thunder crashed and the lightning flashed, and the rain came down torrentially. I’m sure that, like me, most of the Citroën and Velosolex owners were watching the weather and wondering if it would end in time for the event. But, as the sun rose on Sunday morning, July 12th, 2009, the rain stopped, and the clouds made their exit, and out came the Atoll blue skies to match the color of the ride that I had chosen for the day, my Atoll Blue 1977 Velosolex Solex 4600 V3.

  Saturday was spent battling flood waters, and preparing my ride for the event, which was the same one that I used two years ago. I installed a new white fuel tank, new 4600 engine hood, spare fuel tank, and new white saddlebags, so the bike was looking sharp. A quick tune-up and a check of the tire pressures had the Solex running as nicely as it looked. And to make sure that I could get out of trouble as quickly as I could get into it, I replaced the 31 cc fuel jet with a 32. A new battery for the digital speedometer, and fresh fuel filling the tanks, and we were set.

  This year, I was not to be alone on my journey to and from the event; brothers Pierre and Jean-Philippe would be joining me. Pierre actually lives relatively near to me, and had recently purchased a Solex on ebay, a late ‘60s model S 3800. Although the previous owner had spent a lot of money painting and re-chroming everything, there were many mistakes made in the re-assembly of the bike, and so it was necessary for me to reconstruct it properly. Pierre’s brother Jean-Philippe lives in California and decided to ship his 1974 model S 3800 here to ride it during the event, definitively winning the long-distance award.

  We decided that the best route would be riding through Woodside, Sunny side and Long Island City, up and over the Queensborough Bridge onto Manhattan Island, then uptown on First Avenue and cross-town through Harlem on 125th Street to the Upper West Side and Grant’s Tomb, starting point as always for the Rendezvous. We enjoyed a nice leisurely hour and a half ride to the Rendezvous where we were greeted by event organizer, Howie Seligmann, owner of Velosolex America and the VS Velosolex trademark. Steve from Steve’s Moped and Bicycle World, and some of his employees, were busy unloading the “Van-o-Solexes”. There were plenty of bikes and free VS Velosolex helmets for anybody wishing to participate. A petite déjeuner was also setup, although there was no major sponsor for the event this year, other than Velosolex America. A minor sponsor, Julien Farel, raffled off a $250 spa treatment later in the day.

  It’s always a good time seeing familiar Club Members and their vehicles again, and meeting new ones. For reasons unknown to me, the starting time for the ride itself was bumped up from noon to eleven o’clock, and so we were soon making our traditional lap of Grant’s Tomb before heading down Broadway.

  Many people waved and cheered at us as our bell-ringing, horn-tooting group made our way downtown to the first stop, the recently opened Highline Green Space, which is an old abandoned elevated train line transformed into a park. We refueled our Solexes, took a few photos, push-started one of the Citroëns, and then headed for our next stop, the “Arc de Triomphe of New York”, the Washington Square Arch in Washington Square Park. Like last year, we were joined at the Park by the members of the Brooklyn Solex Club, with Riad leading the pack as usual, riding his recently finished gold S 3800. We now had a total of 14 Citroëns and 16 Velosolexes. The Velosolex line-up consisted of  two new S 4800s, one Pli-Solex, one S 2200, eight standard S 3800s, one Impex S 3800, one 4600 V1, one 4600 V2, and my 4600 V3. For you Citroën fans, there were nine 2 CVs, one SM, one DS, and three Traction-Avants.

  After push-starting another Citroën, we all headed uptown. New for this year’s ride was the route uptown. We took Park Avenue all the way to 96th Street, passing around Grand Central Terminal on the elevated roadway, then down Fifth Avenue, ending at the final stop, the French-American "Bastille Day on 60th Street” fair, with three blocks filled with French-American food and entertainment. While I repaired one of Riad’s Solex’s brake shoes, other members worked on one of the Citroëns, and soon both were back in running order. The vehicles were setup for display as an extension of the Street Fair, and many, many people stopped by to check them out and ask questions. A lot of people ask us if the Velosolexes are for rent and/or where they could buy one.

  We all enjoyed each other’s company, the beautiful weather, and the great food, then moved on to our next destinations. The Brooklyn Solex Club and several of the Citroën folks headed over to Brooklyn and the Pétanque Tournament at Bar Tabac on Smith Street. Pierre, Jean-Philippe and I topped off our fuel tanks, then got under way for our long journey cross-town and back over the Queensborough Bridge onto Long Island. Pierre’s wife was waiting with beers and snacks, and we had a nice time recollecting our stories of the day and planning for next year’s event. Hope to see you there!


photos:  http://www.flickr.com/photos/63216488@N00/sets/72157621409637249/

videos:  http://www.youtube.com/profile?user=Rickbrendan&view=videos&query=Bastille+Day+2009

more photos:  http://picasaweb.google.com/tavaresja/BastilleDay2009#
more photos: http://www.flickr.com/photos/_mrmarco/sets/72157621630882444/

NEWS - JULY 2009
Hello Solex friends!
   Summer is here, and that means it's time for the only major annual Velosolex event here in the USA, the Greater NY Citroën and Velosolex Club's Bastille Day Rendezvous in New York City on Sunday, July 12th. A route map for the ride can be found here: http://bastilledayr.googlepages.com/themap Full details for the event can be found on the - Velosolex Solex 4600 Events 2009  page. Hope to see you there!
   The 4600 is more common in the Mid-West and on the East Coast than it is on the West Coast. But Charles DeV. in California has been patient and has finally added one to his collection, a nice yellow 4600 V3, photos of which can be seen here: Daniel's yellow 4600 V3 Daniel's yellow 4600 V3  
   I have added two 4600 V1 advertisements that Alan M. in England kindly sent to me. They can be seen on the 4600 V1 Advertisements page: - 4600 V1 advertisments/publicité 
   Steve in Florida is finally enjoying his 4600 V1 now that he has installed the engine that I rebuilt for him. I have posted a video of the testing of his engine here: http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=fdWqPgYGqao If you would like your Solex engine repaired, rebuilt or reconditioned, please contact me. Information can be found on the  * BrianSolex Services *  page. 
   Quite a few 4600 V1s were sold in Denmark. Photos of a typical Danish 4600 V1 can be seen here: 
All Season VSX's 4600 V1 All Season VSX's 4600 V1  There is an annual Velosolex event in Denmark, and information and photos can be found here: http://www.velosolexrally.dk/
   Today is the Fourth of July. It is Independence Day for us here in the US. We remember the bravery and sacrifice of our ancestors, and let us also not forget the French, whose help was critical in winning our freedom. I am now going for a ride on my French 4600 to celebrate and enjoy my American freedom. Please join me.
   Happy Solexing!      
         NEWS – MAY/JUNE 2009      

Hello Solexists!

  Spring has sprung, and there is always a mad rush at this time of year by people wanting to get there Solexes back on the road after their Winter hibernation here in the Northeast, so I have been unbelievably busy repairing and restoring Solexes. The yellow 4600 V2 that I reconditioned for Jeff at VeloCruz has made its way back to him, and hopefully I’ll receive some photos or video to post. Most of my other repairs and restos have been on S 3800s and S 2200s. I post videos of some of my work on my Youtube channel, so take a look when you get a chance: http://www.youtube.com/user/Rickbrendan

  The new VeloCruz Solex Newsletter has been posted in the “Files” section of the Solex Owners of America Yahoo group: 
group: http://autos.groups.yahoo.com/group/solexownersofamerica

Newsletter: http://autos.groups.yahoo.com/group/solexownersofamerica/files/Solex%20Customer%20Newsletter   
I have also posted a .jpg copy on this site: ** SoleX Newsletter Spring/Printemps 2009 ** 

In this Newsletter, check out Mike B.’s mint, never-used yellow 4600 V2. Also, read my review of last year’s Bastille Day Rendezvous, where there were several 4600s present, including my orange 4600 V2.

 Speaking of the Bastille Day Rendezvous, as far as I know, the date for this year’s event will be Sunday July 12th. I have heard that the organizers are looking for a sponsor for this year’s event, and I expect more information to be available once a sponsor has been found. I haven’t decided which Solex I will be riding on this year’s event, but I imagine it will be a 4600.

  Until now, I did not have my own example of a 4600 V1, but that changed last month went I went down to Baltimore and picked up a blue 1974 4600 V1. It needs a lot of work, but I’m happy to finally have one of these models. Photos are in the Photo Album section of this site:   Brian-s-blue-1974-4600-V1 Brian-s-blue-1974-4600-V1

  Robert M. up in Quebec has finished his S 3800 project and is now in the process of restoring one of his two 1974 4600 V1s, photos here: Robert M.'s orange 1974 4600 V1 Robert M.'s orange 1974 4600 V1
  A small group of Swedish Solexists have gotten together to form a Swedish Solex group. Their Swedish Solex S 3800 Knallerts are very similar to our 4600 V1s. Check out their Solex forum and say hello:
  Pete J. from Brighton, England has been kind enough to send several nice photos of his blue 4600 V1:
  Pete J.'s blue 4600 V1 Pete J.'s blue 4600 V1  Pete often takes his main ride with him on trips, and has been seen riding it as far away as Beauvais, France.
  As always, if you have any 4600 photos or information that you would like to share, or if you have any 4600 questions or problems, please contact me at: velosolex4600@protonmail.com

 Happy Solexing!


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