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Velosolex Solex 4600 by BrianSolex

21. Technical Information for the 4600 V2/V3



           Technical information & Specifications for the Velosolex Solex 4600 V2 / V3



4600 Fuel Mixture / Mix / Proportion / Ratio

- 2.5% or 40:1  

- Mix 3.2 ounces of semi-synthetic or synthetic blend two-stroke oil with 1 gallon of ethanol-free gasoline/petrol. 

- Use only ethanol-free gasoline/petrol

- Disregard the fuel mixture ratio information in the Owner's Handbooks as it is outdated.

*  NEVER add oil directly to the Solex fuel tank.

*  Mix your fuel in a clean, separate container. 

- I recommend Lucas semi-synthetic two-stroke (two-cycle) engine oil.

- A shot glass or a 35 mm film canister can be used to measure one ounce.

- Avoid fuels with high ethanol content. Use only ethanol-free fuel.



Spark Plug:


Champion       L86C

Bosch            W7AC

NGK               B6HS

Denso            W16FS-U

AC                 44 L, 45 L

Motorcraft       AE32

Autolite           2656

Marchal          V36A 

XLG                FF 70 Y 

Cyklon            43

Flashpoint       FP5CR


Spark Plug Gap:


0.5 mm (0.020")




      Special Solex Service Tools






solex tools pg 1



Solex tools pg 2




solex tools pg 3


Valve reamer - used to clean decompression valve seat in cylinder head

Stud extractor - used to remove / install the cylinder base studs in the crankcase

                       and crankcase side cover

21 mm Deep socket -used to install / remove spark plug; tighten / loosen clutch nuts

Stator plate tool - used to remove / install stator

Flywheel / rotor puller - used to remove flywheel (rotor)

Brake tool - used to adjust front brake caliper

Bearing extractor - used to remove stator bearing (flywheel bearing)

Clutch limiter - used to hold clutch while tightening / loosening outer clutch nut

                      (some also have a 37 mm socket for the drive-roller nut)

Stroke limiter - used to block rotation of crankshaft while tightening / loosening

                      clutch nuts, flywheel nut, flywheel cover nut, etc. 

Engine mount plate - used to hold engine in a vise while repairs are being made


           Velosolex Solex Repair Manuals, Guides:

- Please contact me for helpful .pdf Solex Repair Guides and Manuals.

- Just send your engine serial number, frame serial number, and a photo of your Solex to me at:


- To find your engine and frame serial numbers, just watch this video: 





How to Adjust the Throttle of the 4600 V2 and 4600 V3   




Wiring diagram schematic for the Velosolex Solex 4600 V2:

*Note: the 4600 V3 is similar, but the V3 has a ground wire going from the taillight to a tab mounted on a fuel pump bolt. On the V2, as can be seen in this diagram schematic, the taillight is grounded at the bracket, and the ground current must travel through the frame parts and bolts back to the engine.

                       (Thanks to John Ingram, Canada,  for the colorized version of this diagram)

                       For a .pdf file of this diagram, please contact me: velosolex4600@protonmail.com



Electrical connections for the 4600 V2 and 4600 V3:












1975          4600 V2:     CEV # 02738         6 Volt 21 Watt


1977-79    4600 V3:     GE # 4667-2          6 Volt 18 Watt






           Torque Diagrams (in Inch Lbs.)



 Proper torque for the four cylinder head bolts is: 102 - 108 in lb (8.5 - 9 ft lb),  and they must be tightened in a criss-cross pattern.






How to determine the year or model of your Velosolex Solex:

How to date a Velosolex Solex:

The engine serial number is used to determine the year of manufacture.

For help, contact me, Brian, at : velosolex4600@protonmail.com

*note: the online engine serial number charts normally used for determining the year of manufacture of a Velosolex Solex do not pertain to the Velosolex Solex bikes sold outside of France, like the model 4600.


The 14-3-1966 or 25-10-1962 date that you may see cast into the crankcase is not the date of manufacture.

They are approval dates for the Cyclomoteur 3800 and Cyclomoteur 2200 engines.


The Cyclomoteur 3800 engine was used on the S 3800, the 4600, the 5000, and the Micron.

The Cyclomoteur 2200 engine was used on the S 2200 and on the S 3300.



No Spark? see page 5 here:

** SoleX Newsletter Spring/Printemps 2009 **




    Velosolex Solex Value / Worth / Price / Prices


What Is the value of a Velosolex Solex bike?

What is a Velosolex Solex bike worth?

How much can I get for my Velosoelx Solex?

What is the price of a Velosolex Solex?


   There are no set prices for Velosolex Solex bikes.



    Prices can be affected by time of year, bike location, and whether or not the seller is willing to pack and ship the bike.

time of year - prices are generally lower in Fall and Winter.

location - Solexes were not sold in every State...most were sold in Michigan, Ohio and Indiana, so the prices are lower in that area.

pack and ship - if you are only able to sell locally, the prices will be lower.


   Listed selling prices do not determine the value or worth i.e. just because you see a Solex with a listed price of $1,000, this does not mean that this is the value or worth, or that this is what the bike will sell for.  It is just showing what the seller thinks the bike is worth.






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