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Velosolex Solex 4600 by BrianSolex

10. 4600 V2 Details

                                                     "The Horse"



                                            1975-76 4600 V2 

                      * CEV taillight, taillight bracket, headlight, switches
                      * rectangular CEV reflectors on engine guard
                      * type 1 motor hood; emblem has tabs to attach it to hood
                      * SOLEX green/silver/white frame stickers
                      * 51 mm x 51 mm square VS VELOSOLEX sticker on seat post
                      * centerstand painted black
                      * front engine fender painted white on blue, orange and yellow bikes
                      * UNION or LYOTARD pedals; white with orange reflectors
                      * available in Blue, Black, Orange and Yellow
                      * sold in the USA and Canada, 1975-76
                      * engine serial number range:  7 2xx xxx

                      * aka "The Horse"



                   above - 4600 V2 / V3 Carburetor

  * The spring is attached to the top of the throttle lever and abutment bracket, unlike the  spring  on the 4600 V1, S 3800 and 5000, which is mounted to the bottom of these pieces.
  * The spring is different from the standard S 3800, 4600 V1, 5000 spring
  * There is an M4 hex head bolt installed in the lever. This acts as a limit bolt, limiting how high the lever can travel. Without the limit bolt, the lever would travel too high and the spring would come loose and fall off.
 * 28 cc fuel jet, although I have seen the 32 cc jet shown in one 4600 parts catalog.
          - Velosolex Dealer Manual Parts Catalog 4600 V2

                                                     above - spring dimensions





          above - holes in sheath abutment bracket and throttle lever for spring



                                 above - 4600 V2 carburetor
                                            * SOLEX 6.5 LI



                    above - 4600 V2 stator
                              * 3 coils, 3 wires:
                                red (or black) plastic SEV coil - ignition                                                
                                small blue (or black) lighting coil - brake light                              
                                large blue (or black) lighting coil - headlight, taillight, horn
                                black wire, small male connector - brake light        
                                black wire, large male connector - headlight, taillight, horn
                                gray wire, small female connector- ENGINE STOP switch 

                                               4600-V2-wiring-diagram-A-.jpg 4600-V2-wiring-diagram-A-.jpg 



                       above - 4600 V2 stator
                                  *wires protected where they exit stator plate
                                  *SEV MARCHAL ignition coil 
                                  ~red plastic coil on early engines
                                  ~black plastic coil on later engines
                                  *lighting coils
                                    ~small coil - for brake lights; overlaps other coils; screws longer
                                    ~large coil - for lights; larger than standard 3800/5000 coil
                                    - early lighting coils wrapped with blue tape
                                    - later lighting coils wrapped with black tape


    above - typical 4600 V2 stator and flywheel (rotor)
                * the flywheel magnets are more powerful than those of the standard S 3800 flywheel
                * "ENGINE STOP" switch wire is attached to the same terminal to which the ignition
                    coil wire is attached.
                ~when the ENGINE STOP switch is in the "OFF" position,
                  the points, condenser  & coil are grounded, and no spark can be produced,
                  preventing the engine from running and/or starting 


          above - comparison of 4600 V2/V3 flywheel and 4600 V1/3800/5000 flywheel

                             - 4600 V2/V3 flywheel: Solex part # 12131, Motobecane # 61219

                             - 4600 V1 flywheel: Solex part # Z 11466  




09. 1975 4600 V2

                          above - 4600 V2 SOLEX frame side stickers

                                    * Green SOLEX on white and silver gackground 




                             above - 4600 V2 seat post
                                        * VS VELOSOLEX sticker, 51 mm x 51 mm, square
                                        * "V" and "S" have crinkle effect to them 
                                        * MADE IN FRANCE metal tag riveted to post


moped004.jpg                                                                           above - The Solex Horse 
                                                - some, but not all, 4600 V2s had the "Horse" stickers
                                                * No 4600 V1s or 4600 V3s had the "Horse" stickers



                      above - 4600 V2 rear brake drum and hub
                                 - 80 mm drum
                                 - red plugs can be removed to check the brake linings
                                 *note: The Federal Motor Vehicle Safety Standards require a 
                                            window to check the brake linings.

CV2-details1268.jpg                                                                        above - red plastic plug removed to check

                                                the condition of brake pads



                   above & below - 4600 V2 Vehicle Identification tag, SINFAC

                                              * top box is for date of manufacture, 04 75 or 06 75
                                              * lower right box is for motor serial number, 72xxxxx
                                              * states that the vehicle conforms to safety standards
                                              * this tag is required to meet Federal Safety Standards
                                              * note: the 4600 V2 tag has the engine serial number;
                                                          the 4600 V3 tag has the frame serial number 

                                              * weights shown are in hg (hectograms), not in lbs. (pounds)


43. Mfd. by SINFAC 06 75



            above and below - left side of 4600 V2 handlbar
                                         * switch by CEV
                                         * button on top is for horn. Pushing the button grounds the white/gray
                                           wire to the handlebar, completing the circuit and sounding the horn.
                                         * thumb lever switch is used to turn the lights on and off (headlight and taillight) 
                                         * three positions: LO - (OFF)  - LO

                                         * three wires go to / from switch:
                                         - brown - power from stator to switch
                                         - black -  power from switch to lights
                                         - white/gray - ground from horn to switch

                                         * grip and brake lever assembly by MAGURA 


46. Horn & Light Switch by CEV



light horn switch                             above - CEV lighting and horn switch, bottom view



               above and below - 4600 V2 handlbar, right side
                             * " ENGINE STOP" switch, by CEV
                             * two positions: "OFF"  and  "RUN"
                             * in accordance with the Federal Safety Standards, pushing the thumb-lever
                               away from you stops the engine, and the switch is marked "ENGINE STOP".
                             * one wire goes to/from switch

                             - purple - from stator to switch

                            * with the switch in "OFF" position, purple wire is grounded to handlebar,

                               killing the spark

                            * throttle grip and brake lever assembly by MAGURA
                            * small black trigger is for decompressing the engine  


45. Engine Stop Switch; RUN / OFF


  44. Controls, right side, by Magura & CEV

    above - right side brake lever, throttle, engine stop switch, and decompressor trigger



stop switch                                               above - CEV Engine Stop switch


switches                               above - CEV switches, 4600 V2 & early 4600 V3

V2-wiring-harness-copy-1.jpg                                                 above - 4600 V2 wiring harness

wire-connections-copy-1.jpg                                                above - 4600 V2 wire connections


                            above - 4600 V2 taillight connections

                                       -ground wire attaches to mounting bolt on V2                                                                                 

                                                 3 Connections on taillight:

                                                 G - Ground

                                                 T - Taillight

                                                 S - Stoplight (brake light)


 *Note: there are no ground wires from the light brackets (headlight and taillight) back to the engine on the 4600 V2. The ground current must travel from the light brackets through the various frame pieces and bolts back to the engine.


1975-4600-v2-blue-Frank-007-copy-1.jpg                                          above - 4600 V2 taillight
                                                     - CEV 9350 with CEV bracket
                                                     - the bracket often breaks near the upper mounting holes


CIMG1463                                              above: 4600 V2 pedals
                                                         - most 4600 V2s have these Union pedals,
                                                            white with orange reflectors


                                      - some early 4600 V2s have these Lyotard pedals,
                                            white with orange reflectors.


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